• 554, Diocese of Clement (France)
    561, Diocese of Uzes (France)
    612, Visigoth Spain
    642, Visigoth Empire
    855, Italy
    876, Sens
    1012, Mainz
    1181, France
    1290, England
    1306, France
    1348, Switzerland
    1349, Heilbronn (Germany)
    1349, Hungary
    1388, Strasbourg
    1394, Germany
    1394, France
    1422, Austria
    1424, Fribourg & Zurich
    1426, Cologne
    1432, Savory
    1438, Mainz
    1439, Augsburg
    1446, Bavaria
    1453, Franconia
    1453, Breslau
    1454, Wurzburg
    1485, Vincenza (Italy)
    1492, Spain
    1495, Lithuania
    1497, Portugal
    1499, Germany
    1514, Strasbourg
    1519, Regensburg
    1540, Naples
    1542, Bohemia
    1550, Genoa
    1551, Bavaria
    1555, Pesaro
    1559, Austria
    1561, Prague
    1567, Wurzburg, Genoese Republic
    1569, Papal States
    1571, Brandenburg
    1582, Netherlands
    1593, Brandenburg, Austria
    1597, Cremona, Pavia & Lodi
    1614, Frankfurt
    1615, Worms
    1619, Kiev
    1649, Ukraine
    1654, Little Russia (Ukraine)
    1656, Lithuania
    1669, Oran (North Africa)
    1670, Vienna
    1712, Sandomir
    1727, Russia
    1738, Wuerttemburg
    1740, Little Russia (Ukraine)
    1744, Bohemia
    1744, Livonia
    1745, Moravia
    1753, Kovad (Lithuania)
    1761, Bordeaux
    1772, Jews deported to the Pale of Settlement (Russia)
    1775, Warsaw
    1789, Alsace
    1804, Russian villages
    1808, Russian villages and countrysides
    1815, Lubeck & Bremen
    1815, Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
    1820, Bremes
    1843, Russian border with Austria & Prussia
    1862, Tennessee (USA), by military order of General Grant
    1866, Galatz, Romania
    1919, Bavaria (foreign born Jews)
    1938-45, Axis-Nazi controlled lands
    1948, Arab countries.
    2009, Canada? 2009, USA? 2009, France? 2009, Germany?
  • 1. King David Hotel, July 22, 1946.
    2. Sharafat, Feb. 7, 1951.
    3. Deir Yassin, April 10, 1948.
    4. Falameh, April 2, 1951.
    5. Naseruddine, April 14, 1948.
    6. Quibya, Oct. 14, 1953.
    7. Carmel, April 20, 1948.
    8. Nahalin, March, 28, 1954.
    9. Al-Qabu, May 1, 1948.
    10. Gaza, Feb. 28, 1955.
    11. Beit Kiras, May 3, 1948.
    12. Khan Yunis, May 31, 1955.
    13. Beitkhoury, May 5, 1948.
    14. Khan Yunis Again, Aug. 31, 1955
    15. Az-Zaytoun, May 6, 1948.
    16. Tiberia, Dec. 11, 1955.
    17. Wadi Araba, May 13, 1950.
    18. As-Sabha, Nov. 2, 1955.
    19. Gaza Again, April 5, 1956.
    20. Houssan, Sept. 25, 1956.
    21. Rafa, Aug. 16, 1956.
    22. Qalqilyah, Oct. 10, 1956.
    23. Ar-Rahwa, Sept. 12, 1956.
    24. Kahr Kassem, Oct. 29, 1956.
    25. Gharandal, Sept. 13, 1956.
    26. Gaza Strip, Nov. 1956.
    26. Gaza Strip, Nov. 1956.

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Posted by Anarchore on April 13, 2009

[YOUTUBE=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct3YaeRkcRE] … is an idiot. 🙂

Please visit: http://ziofascism.net/blog <— CLICK HERE!


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Questioning History still Legal in UK, Williamson Exercises Constitutional Rights: Wants Holocaust (TM) Proof

Posted by roy albrecht on February 15, 2009

A unique subliminal training device used by Jews to get the masses to fear standing up for what would otherwise be a logical conclusion, is to show them, through their mass hypnotic brainwashing tool of TV, over and over, how to grovel whenever a topic is broached that Jews do not want the masses to think about let alone discuss.

How often have we seen Shabat Goyem (peon gentiles of the Jews) Politicians, who have “inadvertently” (or was it really inadvertent?) say something “un-politically correct” only to have the Jew proxy-owned “Inane Stream Media” quote some head of a Pro-Pedophile, Pro-Sodomite, Pro-Murderer’s Lobby, like the Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith’s (sp?) Abe Foxman, shrieking loudly about how offensive the remark was?

And then how many times, like clockwork, does the individual who has made the often very common sense statement back down and apologize profusely at his “insensitivity” and “wrongheadedness”?

Pattern recognition is essential when dealing with the Parasitic Jew, because lack of imagination forces them to use the same sh*t in a different pile configuration over and over again.

The Jew proxy-owned, “Inane Stream Media” has repeated this pattern of;-

1) Over blowing a so called, “Faux pas” in wall to wall media coverage,

2) Quoting a shrieking, usually Criminal, Jew complaining, and finally…,

3) Mass publishing the confessions of a “Contrite Sinner” for all the brainwashed masses to “learn” from;-

so many times that the masses now too have learned to back down at the slightest shrieking from any Criminal Jew.

Well, Bishop Richard (the Brave Heart) Williamson is not only NOT backing down, he is showing the rest of the brainwashed and frightened masses that it is essential to stand up for what you believe!

The Pope reinstated Williamson, “…but didn’t know his views…”, even though you can bet your life that, deep down, the Pope not only knew of Williamson’s views, he agrees with them!

There are literally thousands of high ranking German officials who hold the same view, but because they lack popular support, must either cave in or hold the line and be subject to persecution.

After all, the Pope was a boy in War time Germany and remembers the relief that Hitler brought once the bad Jews were kicked out or bound and gagged.

But the Pope is teaching the masses a new pattern of behavior…

Whenever a Jew shrieks and calls you an Anti-Semite, the first thing you ought to do is crack a wide toothy grin and then, as you “nudge-nudge wink-wink” your nearest friend, let out a loud and profusely sincere, “I’m soooooooooo, soooooooooo, sooooorry”, to the shrieking Jew.

It never stops the Jew from shrieking, as nothing ever does, but it sure does make for good comedy!

Hold the line Pope Benedict,

” Dein Vaterland und der Vater im Himmel sieht alles”


Found through:


Courtesy of:


Holocaust denying bishop to examine ‘historical evidence’: report

A bishop under fire for denying the Holocaust wants to examine the historical evidence before any possible renunciation of his belief that not a single Jew died in Nazi gas chambers, a report said.”If I find proof I would rectify (earlier statements)… But all that will take time,” Bishop Richard Williamson was quoted as saying by the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel.

The British-born bishop denied the existence of the gas chambers in an interview with Swedish television two days the pope lifted his ex-communication last month.

“I believe there were no gas chambers… I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps but none of them by gas chambers,” Williamson said.

“There was not one Jew killed by the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies!”

[to see the rest of the article go to link provided]

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Posted by Anarchore on February 9, 2009

Physical, Neurological and Psychological Mutilation


Picture the infant mind. The nervous system and the brain are developing at a rapid pace, as the newborn adapts according to the sensory stimulation of the new world he finds himself in. He is soothed, kept warm, fed and happy by those who have been his guardians to this point. All is good, and normal development of the parts of the brain that govern higher thought is proceeding. Suddenly something is very wrong, a world of pain as a part of his body is amputated. The developing nervous system shrinks at the violation. Parts of the brain that were developing wither and die.

Circumcision as Psycho-Surgery

Most forms of real, depatterning/fragmenting/penetrating mind control, as we know it practiced by intelligence agencies and cults throughout the ages, involve some form of trauma or torture. What better time to implement a deep subconscious fear of castration by the state, something that can be invoked later. More on the effect on society these damaged people have later.

Circumcision seems to be an effective technique of trauma-induced mind control at a time when the brain is at it’s most plastic and receptive- the baby remembers and internalizes everything at the deepest level.

Immerman & Mackey (199 8) set forth an informed hypothesis that removal of the sensors in the prepuce cause brain disorganization/atrophy. Thereafter they seek to justify circumcision by arguing that brain disorganization/atrophy has desirable social effects.

Anand & Scalzo (2000) hypothesize that early abnormal stimulation of the nervous system (such as the pain of circumcision) affect the development of the nervous system and influence behavior.

An unconscious life lesson is imprinted- one that is used later by their controllers, no doubt the ones who mandated this control mechanism.

“Enough evidence now exists to say with confidence that male circumcision causes psychological changes. The trauma of the experience is injurious. It can have long-term deleterious effects later in life.”1


Isn’t it interesting that the more sane, advanced(or rapidly advancing and hopefully liberating itself like China), peaceful cultures are ones that do not practice circumcision:

Among the non-circumcising nations are Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia, the U.S.S.R., China, and Japan2.

The places that have the highest rates of circumcision 75-100% of the population are North and West Africa plus much of East Africa3

And of course there is Israel, which has to be about 100%.

What of the most violent country in the world, that has been at war since it’s inception?

In the US, it rose during the 2 – 5 years after each war the US has been involved in. It peaked at 90% in 1964, according to the Laumann study (based on self-reporting by adults).

Well, what do ya know, it seems that the circumcised world has a near monopoly on violence and corruption!

Domestic violence in Israel is on the rise. Approximately 200,000 Israeli women are battered each year, according to the Israel Women’s Network. Some 40,000 of them reach emergency wards. Last year, 15 of these victims died… …”I think it’s a very aggressive society we live in,” said Rachel Bialer, director of the Jerusalem shelter. “Our history has a lot to do with it.”4

Coincidence? Hmm looks like there is a cause-and-effect scenario here, which again explains the legions of retarded ‘conservative’ warmongers, and herded gatekeepered, idiot ‘liberal’ twits in the USA. There is even a feedback effect as the warlike ritual abusive society thinks of circumcision as a Spartan-like ritual.

The “war” connection (”It’ll make a man of him”?) suggests it will rise again, perhaps using the “desert sand” myth.5

Damaged Goods

It seems like the George Bush/ Bill O’Reilly/ Rush Limbaugh type of neurologically damaged, genitally(and genetically?) mutilated freaks is unique to the USA and increasingly, Canada. I wonder if there is a neocon anywhere who is not circumcised.


Fucked in the head and penis- circumcised neoncon Jews

With this in mind, it would be prudent not to have such ‘damaged goods’ allowed in any position of authority. Does this explain why the governments of northern Europe are sane(before being infiltrated by circumcised Zionists, you get the pattern), but the Jew/circumcised/Israeli/USA/Brit/Arab realm is like a bunch of regressed two-year-olds? Should we allow these dangerous neurologically damaged and mentally volatile toddlers near any political power?

No empathy, rage, a desire to see enemies even when they aren’t there(possibly still trying to find the cause of their psycho-castration in the guise of Bin Laden- sorry guys, he wasn’t the one that mutilated you), a lack of respect for nature(lack of feeling/amputation/calloused). You only see this type of person in Canada or the US.


Typical brain damaged/circumcised American/Canadian Bush/Israel supporter, still trying to drown his buried pain and fears

The are the idiots ripping up the landscape on their ATVs, who see nature as ‘recreation’, not as something that should be respected in it’s own right. Damaged Goods type of people have no appreciation for the beauty of the world, because simmering inside their subconscious is the knowledge that it could happed again, someone could be plotting to castrate them:

Covenant With G-d


Circumcised demonic/vampires Obama, Emmanuel, Kissinger, Chertoff, and Bush: something is missing from their psyche. Image from rense.com

The Jew is told that this mutilation was their covenant with God, and they accept this. Built upon this is the persecution of Jews… so whenever mention of Israel comes up, the Jew switches to his alter persona, that of the ‘chosen one’, and is not above lying or any dishonest tricks to advance the cause of the chosen, mutilated and mind controlled. Latent circ/castration anxiety is conflated with the state of Israel and Jews’ chosen status- no wonder the Jews cannot discuss things rationally, they have that subconscious fear.

For British/US/Canadian circumcised slaves of Zionism, they also bow to Israel(when they aren’t worshipping that other false idol, Churchill), because they know that the world is a terrible place of treachery and betrayal, they were taught it at a young age when the sexual part of their body was destroyed, it is part of their being to be(or to cheer on) bloodthirsty, credulous, killers, because of their ingrained insecurity.

How else to explain bloodthirsty Britain(high circ % in upper classes) which spawns bloodthirsty USA(high circ %) and genocidal Canada(high circ %) and finally their child Israhell is born, who shows the parents how to perfect barbarity to a science?

The USA’s terror campaigns in Asia, Africa, Central and South America and the Arab world are an example of what happens when crazed and heavily armed ‘Muties’ do their thing. Now the gentle people of Mexico and Central America, the children of those killed or displaced by US backed death squads are taking over the southern US. Poetic Justice.


Circumcised/denuded vampire-thief Bernanke-thanks to Incogman for the image

Brain damaged, sexually mutilated, emotionally sterile, morally deprived, spiritually depraved by-design monsters is what we see in the circumcised Zionists, as they steadily increase their power and have increasing influence on political parties, media, and finance, to be consolidated in the current upheaval, no doubt.

The lunatics rule the asylum, practising their atavistic rites, that perpetrate the violence and misery which they cannot help but sow, damaged as they are…



The severe pain of circumcision and the changes to infant-maternal interaction observed after circumcision raise the question of the effects on the mother. The typical hospital circumcision is performed out of view of the parents, in a separate room. However, a few are observed by parents, and many Jewish ritual circumcisions are carried out in the homes of the parents. There are no studies of how these parents respond to observing their son’s circumcision. Personal accounts vary and may include strong emotions. Some parents regret their son’s circumcision and report that they wish they had known more about circumcision before they consented to it. Margaret Viola submitted the following comments in her letter to a magazine:

‘My tiny son and I sobbed our hearts out. After everything I’d worked for, carrying and nurturing Joseph in the womb, having him at home against no small odds, keeping him by my side constantly since birth, nursing him whenever he needed closeness and nourishment–the circumcision was a horrible violation of all I felt we had shared. I cried for days afterward’ [20].

Melissa Morrison was having a difficult time 7 months after she had watched the circumcision of her son:

‘I’m finding myself obsessing more and more about it. It’s absolutely horrible. I didn’t know how horrific it was going to be. It was the most gruesome thing I have ever done in my life. I told the doctor as soon as he was done, if I had a gun, I would have killed him. I swear I would be in jail today if I did have a gun’ [21]

Other mothers have reported to the author’s institution that watching their son’s circumcision was the ‘the worst day of my life’. Some mothers clearly remember their son’s circumcision after many years; Pollack reported 15 years after the event. ‘The screams of my baby remain embedded in my bones and haunt my mind.’ She added, ‘His cry sounded like he was being butchered. I lost my milk’ [22].


There is compelling evidence pointing to the fact that circumcision causes many negative individual cognitive and psychological/emotional impairments, with corresponding societal/governmental pathologies. While all circumcised men may not be as psychotic as a Henry Kissinger, the evidence points to a correlation between this bizarre act of bodily vandalism, and corresponding mutilation of human rights, freedom, and human dignity. Surely the Legions of the Mutilated have lost their dignity and wish to lash out and do the same to others(fuck the world), never knowing what is really motivating them. The Mutilated/cognitively altered circumcision victims thus are a danger to us all.

Further reading


Thanks also to fourthreichisrael for bringing this to my attention and providing the inspiration for this essay.

A Bill to End Male Genital Mutilation in the USA – http://www.mgmbill.org/

NOCIRC (National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers) – http://www.nocirc.org

Circumcision Information and Resource Pages – http://www.cirp.org

Doctors Opposing Circumcision – http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child – http://www.arclaw.org

NOHARMM (National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males) – http://www.noharmm.org

Stop Infant Circumcision Society – http://www.stopinfantcircumcision.org

NORM (National Organization of Restoring Men) – http://www.norm.org

NORM-UK – http://www.norm-uk.org

Male Circumcision and HIV – http://www.circumcisionandhiv.com/

Foreskin – http://www.foreskin.org

Ashley Montagu Resolution and Petition – http://www.montagunocircpetition.org

Circumcision Resource Center – http://www.circumcision.org

Female Genital Cutting Education and Networking Project – http://www.fgmnetwork.org

Forward (UK) – http://www.forwarduk.org.uk

Law Office of David J. Llewellyn (wrongful circumcision attorney) – llewhm@bellsouth.net

Zenas Baer and Associates (wrongful circumcision attorney) – http://www.zbaer.com

Circumcision Quotes – http://www.circumcisionquotes.com

BoysToo – http://www.boystoo.com

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Intactivism Pages – http://www.circumstitions.com

International Coalition for Genital Integrity – http://www.icgi.org

Mothers Against Circumcision – http://www.mothersagainstcirc.org

Jews Against Circumcision – http://www.jewsagainstcircumcision.org

Catholics Against Circumcision – http://www.catholicsagainstcircumcision.org

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Circumcision Information Australia – http://www.circinfo.org

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Intersex Society of North America – http://www.isna.org

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Students for Genital Integrity – http://www.studentsforgenitalintegrity.org

Nurses for the Rights of the Child – http://www.nurses.cirp.org

Sex As Nature Intended It – http://www.sexasnatureintendedit.com

StopCirc – http://www.stopcirc.com





“The continuing practice of routine neonatal nonreligious circumcision represents an enigma, particularly in the United States. About 80 percent of the world’s population do not practice circumcision, nor have they ever done so. Among the non-circumcising nations are Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia, the U.S.S.R., China, and Japan. People employing circumcision do so either for “health” reasons or as a religious ritual practiced by Muslims, Jews, most black Africans, non-white Australians, and others.”


North and West Africa plus much of East Africa[@: genocide-and-constant-strife-and-violence-land, basically], eg Algeria, Cameroon, Chad, Dahomey, Egypt (Muslim and Christian), Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya. Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauretania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Northern Uganda, Upper Volta, Zaire [NB, some of these now have new names but it would be a real surprise if most of the guys there had grown new foreskins as a result.). Plus the Islamic areas of Asia – Afghanistan, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Indonesia (largest Muslim nation), Iran, Iraq, Israel [OK not Muslim], Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, (Hindu minority about 10%), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen (N+S). Plus Tonga and Samoa, with Canada and the US at the bottom end of the range.





“Contrary to most accounts, the ancient history of ritual circumcision is almost completely irrelevant to the US. Secular circumcision began as a “cure” for masturbation late in the 19th century in England. It swiftly crossed the Atlantic – though it was only ever confined to the upper classes in its homeland, where it has since withered and died.

In the US, it rose during the 2 – 5 years after each war the US has been involved in. It peaked at 90% in 1964, according to the Laumann study (based on self-reporting by adults). The “war” connection (”It’ll make a man of him”?) suggests it will rise again, perhaps using the “desert sand” myth. “

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What if Hitler did Kill 6 Million

Posted by Anarchore on February 9, 2009

Or better yet, what if he had killed all of the bastards(including his
Rothschild Jew-daddy)?

(note: this is an intellectual exercise, I don’t promote genocide, but
I hope to make Jews realize that they are creating a situation where
extinction of the Jew would be welcomed as a miracle. Of course no Jew
needs to die, just join Jews Anonymous. You see, Jews; the world hates
you, and it is not our fault, it is YOUR fault. Please renounce Isr-el
as a first step to rehabilitation, or we may just decide that
representatives of a cruel, superstitious, supremacist foreign
parasitic and criminal cult are not welcome.)

Did Hitler let the world down?

How would the world be different today if Hitler had really wanted to
kill Jews, and won?

* There would be no Isr-el,
* the 9/11 Jewish terror event would not have happened
* therefore, no wars in Iraq for Isr-el,
* therefore a million innocent Iraqis would be alive
* No Kissinger means that thousands of Chileans would still be
* Communism would be crushed, tens of millions would be alive
* No wars in Vietnam or Cambodia, Laos, Korea, etc, without the
* America would have friends and allies in the middle-east, not
* Arab countries would be democracies instead of the autocratic
theocracies swept into power by the threat of Isr-el
* Christmas would be celebrated
* Free speech would be free, without Orwellian ‘Human Rights
* Our politicians would not be serving Isr-el and globalism
* Our cities would not be swamped by 3rd worlder criminals in some
sickening ‘diversity’ experiment
* No Bnai Brith or Canadian Jewish Congress deciding what
politicians can say
* No National Post fifth column enemy journalism
* No CanWest Global
* Christians would not have been indoctrinated by Scofield Bible
(Zionist commissioned) distortions in their Bible studies
* Mars and moon bases would be a reality without the trillions
wasted on killing for Isr-el

The Jews may have doomed humanity to extinction by retarding our
technological development. Should an asteroid hit the earth today
causing world catastrophe, there are no colonies on mars thanks to
what they have done to our societies.

Those who accept the mark of JEW are the mortal enemies of humanity.

The JEW is humanities’ misfortune.

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Objective Truth Vs Lies

Posted by Anarchore on February 9, 2009

The holohoax is the last line of defence of western objectivist science and truth vs Jew subjectivist(what we say goes) lies.

That is what the real clash of civilisations.

Everyone who believes in free speech and science over superstition should support the good Bishop.

It seems the Jews want him to LIE, thus breaking his commandment to God:



Bishop Wants to “Examine Evidence” Before Recanting
A commentary by Michael Hoffman on this report from Deutsche-Welle immediately follows the article.

Bishop Wants to “Examine Evidence” of Holocaust Before Recanting

Deutsche-Welle | Feb. 7, 2009

A bishop recently rehabilitated by Pope Benedict XVI said he want to “examine the evidence” of the Holocaust before possibly recanting his statement that no Jews died in Nazi gas chambers, a German newsmagazine reported.

Even as Vatican officials were working to control the damage caused by Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to rehabilitate a Richard Williamson, a bishop who denied the Holocaust in an interview, with papal meetings and inter-faith dialogue, Williamson told Germany’s Der Spiegel news weekly he needed time to scrutinize data surrounding the Holocaust. “If I find proof I would rectify (earlier statements) … but all that will take time,” Williamson was quoted as saying by magazine on Saturday, Feb. 7. “I ask everyone to believe me that I did not deliberately say something false. I was, on the basis of my research in the 1980s, convinced of the accuracy of my comments. Now I must examine everything again and look at the evidence,”

Benedict called on Williamso

n to retract statements he made about the Holocaust The pope had demanded Williamson unequivocally distance himself statements he made in an interview with Swedish television in which he said only up to 300,000 Jews were murdered in Nazi concentration camps. Historians put the figure at 6 million. Williamson has apologized to the pope “for the unnecessary distress” he has caused him but has not apologized to Jews. The Vatican has said Benedict was not aware of the statements Williamson made two days before the excommunication was lifted. Italian priest also denies extent of Holocaust The ultra-traditionalist Roman Catholic group Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), of which Williamson is a member, has expelled an Italian priest who said he believed gas chambers at Nazi death camps were only used to “disinfect” inmates. SSPX’s Italian branch said Father Floriano Abrahamowicz was expelled for “serious disciplinary reasons,” the ANSA news agency reported citing a SSPX statement issued Friday. Abrahamowicz made the remarks while defending Williamson. Inter-faith dialogue to continue

The pope has expressed his solidarity with Jews since lifting the excommunications Israel’s chief Rabbinate is resuming dialogue with the Vatican after ties were put on ice following the pope’s decision to lift the excommunication of Williamson and three other priests of the ultra-traditionalist Society of St Pius X (SSPX), Reuters news agency reported Saturday. The Rabbinate pulled out of a meeting with Vatican officials scheduled for the beginning of March amid an international outcry over the bishops’ rehabilitation.

The meeting will now take place in late February or mid-March and will most likely include a papal audience. Benedict is also scheduled to meet with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO) on Thursday to make amends, Retuers reported. Both the meetings, however, were planned before Williamson’s statement to Der Spiegel.

The head of the German Bishops Council, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, renewed his call for Williamson to be, once again, excommunicated from the Catholic Church, calling the British-born Williamson “irresponsible.” “I do not see any room for him in the Catholic Church,” Zollitsch told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, in an article to be published on Sunday.

Michael Hoffman comments:

The tenor of this article from the untrustworthy German-Zionist press is that Bishop Williamson is about to recant and intends to recant unless new revisionist evidence convinces him otherwise. This is not the case. His intentions are pure. He is only keeping an open mind. He has made no decision to recant and he is not disposed to recant unless the exterminationists can prove their case. As Robert Faurisson, Arthur R. Butz, Carlo Mattogno, Samuel Crowell, Paul Grubach, Fred Leutchter, Richard Widmann, Brian Renk and many other competent and courageous revisionist scholars have shown, the case for the execution gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau has never been more flimsy.

For myself (I am not speaking for Bishop Williamson!) St. Paul gave us the warrant to doubt in Titus 1:14: “Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”

If the whole media were tomorrow to confront me and say I must believe that the moon is made of green chesse, it is not incumbent on me to prove that it is not made of green cheese! The obligation is on those who assert the proposition.

This writer is forever absolved from having to believe in the homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz. I was a reporter at the first show trial of publisher Ernst Zundel in Toronto in 1985. I reported it from the press gallery in the courtroom, as an accredited member of the media. I observed as the “infallible” Judaic “eyewitnesses” to the gassings were finally cross-examined instead of pampered and worshipped, in this case the cross-examination was conducted by the skilled defense attorney Doug Christie, guided by Prof. Faurisson, who led the Zundel defense team. Under cross-examination it was these Judaic “infallible eyewitnesses” who we are commanded by the Vatican to believe as if they were the angels of heaven–it was they who recanted, including the famous War Refugee Board “eyewitness” Rudolf Vrba.

According to the pope, the Vatican, the media, the blood-drenched killers of the Israeli regime and all the planet’s leading moralists, it is some kind of mortal sin not to believe these liars. Sorry. I was there. I saw them confess their lies. Dr. Raul Hilberg testified at the same trial, also for the prosecution. He was the “dean of American ‘Holocaust’ historians.” Under cross examination he could produce not one autopsy report showing that anyone had ever been gassed at Auschwitz. Not one.

Burn me at the stake, but I do not believe that anyone was ever gassed to death at Auschwitz-Birkenau. In the words of Prof. Arthur R. Butz in his classic treatise, this notion is “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.” And what of the German eyewitnesses like agronomist Thies Christophersen who were stationed in Auschwitz and testify that there were never any homicidal gassings? He gave this testimony in spite of it being, under modern German law, illegal for him to do so.

If the modern Catholic Church makes this execution gas chamber fable a litmus test for fitness to hold church office, as Pope Benedict XVI seems to have done, it is the end of the credibility of modern Catholicism. Benedict’s move is an extension of the rabbinic Shoah theology pioneered by Pope John Paul II, who “infallibly” declared as part of the canonization process of Edith Stein, who became a Catholic nun and died tragically in Auschwitz, that her cause of death was “gassing.”

Revisionist skepticism — toward Auschwitz-Birkenau gassings or any statement of any Orthodox rabbi on any point of Scripture, theology or history –such skepticism is divinely warranted by Titus 1:14. No Orwellian rewrite or Talmudic-Vatican nullification will every overthrow what the Apostle Paul declared to be the right of every Christian. I’ll take the Apostle Paul over the modern Vatican Saul any day.

If Pope Benedict really did act as the Vicar of Christ and the heir of St. Peter, he would tell German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the disgusting jailer of writers and scientists, and the Israeli rabbinate, the depraved purveyors of lies and hatred for Jesus Christ, to butt out of the affairs of the Church! Instead, we see the usual servile Machiavellian gamesmanship.

A few years ago Bishop Williamson made an analogy between cutting deals with the Vatican and the famous cautionary poem by Mary Howitt, whose signature line is, “Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly.”

May God grant the bishop the grace and tenacity to recall that wisdom now, in this great crisis, when the eyes of the world are upon him, so that he will cut no deals and recant no doubts about “commandments of men that turn from the truth.” By so doing he will earn the thanks and admiration of every sincere truth-seeker, and what is more by far, He will glorify the Name of Yahweh our God, and His Divine Son, Jesus Christ.

Michael Hoffman

(Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the author of “Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit)”

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An Open Letter to Canadian Progressives

Posted by Anarchore on February 9, 2009

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